Herbs To Lower Blood Pressure

There are a lot of herbs to lower blood pressure that can help to lower blood pressure quickly. This article will reveal just some of them that you can use to treat your hypertension.

Hypertension Information

Hypertension is one of common problems faced by United States citizens. Based on research done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1 in 3 United States adults (over the age of 20) has high blood pressure. It is true that everybody can encounter this problem, but your risk may be higher if you are overweight. Hence, it is important to control your weight properly.

If high blood pressure is not treated well, it can cause stroke and heart attack. Prescription medication is the main option to treat it, but some people decide to take herbs or home remedies in addition to or substitution of medicines. It is very important for you to consult with your doctor before you decide to take any herbs for hypertension.

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Herbs To Lower Blood Pressure
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List of Some Herbs To Lower Blood Pressure

Garlic – Garlic is one of popular herbs to lower blood pressure. It contains allicin which has usages as anti-bacterial, lipid lowering, and blood pressure keeper.  In a research done by Clinical Research Center of New Orleans on whether garlic is useful for hypertension, 9 patients with high blood pressure were given a garlic preparation that containing 1.3% allicin. Within 5 to 14 hours the blood pressure went down with a significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

Onions – The content of onions is quercetin, it is an anti-oxidant that can prevent stroke and heart disease. A scientific research has been done and published in the Journal of Nutrition. The people who were given quercetin have a decrease in their blood pressure by 7 mmHG systolic and 5 mmHG diastolic, compare relatively to the people who were given the placebo.

Hawthorn – Traditional herbal experts commonly use hawthorn as one of herbs to lower blood pressure. There is a scientific research done by researchers in Reading, UK, comparing between the usages of hawthorn extract and placebo. The patients who were given 1200 mg of hawthorn extract per day had a significant reduction in diastolic blood pressure (2.6 mmHg) over 16 weeks compared with those who were given placebo.

Folic Acid – The most widely discussed study on folic acid usages for hypertension is the Nurses’ Health Study II. The study was published by researchers from Harvard Medical School in 2005. The study shows that the women who take at least 1000 micro-grams of folic acid per day have 25% potentially less to develop high blood pressure, compare to the women who take fewer than 250 micro-grams per day. Green leafy vegetables and legumes ( beans ) are the finest natural sources of folic acid, such as lentils, spinach, Chickpeas, Cauliflower, and lettuce.

Although there are a lot of information and studies about herbs to lower blood pressure, for your safety you really need to consult with your doctor for your hypertension treatment. Some of the studies still need further studies in order to get a perfect extract composition for hypertension treatment.

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